María Cristina Azcona


Malala‘s Eyes

The insightful eyes trying to overwhelm the pain
Reign on her amazingly good-looking face
She is reading books, studying to be that girl
Those criminals from Taliban intended to exterminate

Malala‘s eyes are pearls of wisdom, rare birds
Those need to overfly the entire world
The birds will extend afar iridescent wings
And will be able to persuade millions to the big change

Her lips are so quiet and silent now
But soon they will start to talk and say
And her golden words will be like rare birds
with iridescent wings and powerfully end to all the social pain

The girls in Pakistan will be able to assist to school
And the right to learn will be the rule

María Cristina Azcona is an Educational researcher who has worked for UNESCO. She has obtained two university degrees as Educational Psychologist, at USAL University, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also Family Therapist at Navarra University, Spain. She is a well known writer and poet, novelist and peace professional, the „Bilingual MCA Poets & Writers for Peace“ founder director  and The International Forum for a Literature and a Culture of Peace (IFLAC)  director in South America. She has authored and published five books in Argentina and three in India, in both languages Spanish and English.

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