Linda L. Ashok

(Indian Union)

A Note to Malala

you are a puny fourteen
at the hands of the Taliban;

an entire clan of ruthless
despots had to side away all
their affairs to aim at your head,
your neck …

Do you know why?
You are wilder
than bullets and gunpowder
Your voice – the roar of change
You are a threat my dear
larger than their rifles;
a threat to superstitions,
a threat to subjugation
imposed on women throughout

at times I roam around letters
Wondering which all can team up
to be the best slang I can aim
from my catapult
and hit them hard
on their balls

Fundamentalists they are –
basically autistic bigots,
for them a fictitious scripture
appears holy
and women who they live
within for nine months …
on whose breasts they feed;
they label the kind as
– forbidden territory …

I pray you remain fourteen
and ferocious, let your hunger
for knowledge arrive
over all oppression
that every women, every child
are forced to encounter!!

Linda L Ashok is a poet, author, environmental and women rights activist. She is a graduate in English Literature and Philosophy and has been widely published in newspapers and magazines. Her debut book, Significance of the Insignificant (a collection of micro-poems) has won critical acclaim in India and abroad. Linda is currently working on a project partnered by her associates across the globe on children and women violence concentrating majorly on the age-long exploits in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, US and Caribbean countries, Africa  and others topping the charts on violating women rights and security. A yearlong project where Linda is trying to get in touch with WHO and other branches of the United Nations and NGOs of countries mentioned that work closely with women at all levels. The expectation is a serious rebuke and condemnation of security promises that countries charters on their preambles and inevitably fails. This project requires a lot of involvement from women rights enthusiasts and one can get in touch with her at or follow her on twitter Linda wishes Malala for her iconic thrust into the realm of patriarchal fundamentalism demanding rights of women education.

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