Simran Bellani

(Indian Union)

Its Time to say No

Time may have surely envisaged
Sainte Maitreya and Mother Mary;
Rani Laxmibai and Goddess Atlanta.
The ensembles of prowess.
Man are from Mars,
They raised eyebrows at their surge;
But quickly bowed in esteem,
When paradigm of their power supremed.
Time may have also envisaged
Their much anticipated downfall.
And the moving time handicapped itself,
Silently perceiving the cries of shudder,
As they were ripped of their dignity.

The burning throats, the clutched foreheads,
Tears of despair were answered with pack of lies.
Blood drained figures shrinked to crooked silhouettes;
Reverence is a toy.

For all the lives that mutiny has claimed
Now we need to stand up.
Then the trembling fingers will fist up.
And the outcry will be holistic.
Well then you will pick up your cell and dial 1091.
And say what? ……
Hello! Women’s helpline?

And then it will be our time.
The time to say no!

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