Adam Donaldson Powell


Bolero Moderno


Las estatuas de los ángeles
tiemblan de miedo.

Las madres valerosas
lloran en secreto
al comienzo
de cada día de escuela.

Mentes bellas de jóvenes
en un baile
perverso …

las bombas estallan
las vírgenes prometidas
juegan al escondite …

Y no se oye más música.

Adam Donaldson Powell was born in USA but has been a Norwegian national for many years. He is a published author (10 print books, and several e-books to date) specializing in novels, poetry, essays, literary criticism, short stories etc., and he writes and performs his work in English, Spanish, French and Norwegian. He is also a professional visual artist (painter and photographer), and has worked as a national and international social activist in many fields for several decades. His most current expression of activism involves supporting and informing others through his five internet blogs ( including ), as well as in his visual art and in his work as an author and editor – herein encouraging the voices of contemporary activists through literature. Member of Norwegian P.E.N.

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